Our Process

Your home and property, your taste and your lifestyle are unique. Your landscape design should reflect your sense of style, and provide safe, functional spaces for outdoor enjoyment, whatever form that may take. Whether you prefer tranquil gardens, rustic naturalism, exciting recreational zones, or warm and welcoming entertaining areas, we can assist in making your dream come to life.

Although every Client and property has individual characteristics, Our approach to your project is generally the same. Our Team will work with you to maximize the natural attributes of your real estate assets while minimizing nuisances; helping to protect your safety, and privacy and reduce maintenance requirements.


This is usually a short phone call where we will ask questions about your personal taste, lifestyle, issues you may want to manage, features you may be requesting, timeline, and budget. This helps us prepare for our first site visit.


We schedule a meeting to get to know a bit more about you and view your property. This initial site assessment aids in understanding how you are currently using your property, but also in developing an inventory of natural assets and constraints, local infrastructure, natural and man-made risks, potential by-law and regulatory concerns, topography, accessibility, and wildlife habitat.

The conversation about your preferences and lifestyle, and measurements of the physical space, generally takes between 1 and 2 hours and allows our Team to begin some conceptual design work.


From urban postage stamp yards to sprawling estates the design of your landscaping should fit the scale and enhance the feel of your space. Small spaces can present design challenges, but in general, the larger space, the more complex issues such as stormwater management become.

In our experience, most projects require (or at least significantly benefit from) a professional land survey. Changes in topography are qualified and quantified, thereby improving design details, material selection options, and cost estimates. If you are working to a budget, understanding the constraints of your property will assist in developing cost certainty, and minimizing expensive change orders.

Your designer will work hand-in-hand with you from conceptual through preliminary to the final design stage. A cost-based estimating process runs concurrently which allows you to determine the impacts of your design choices on the price of your project. This is generally an iterative process that allows your personal taste to be incorporated into the designer’s drawings to develop beautiful, functional spaces that work with your budget and enhance the natural environment.